Expansion – Becoming a non-profit organization and soon-to-be charity

The University of Toronto chapter is thrilled that Health Out Loud has successfully expanded into an official non-profit organization (NPO).  The newly elected managing team is still working on their website.  However, please visit their Facebook page to stay informed about new chapters, ways to join the NPO’s managing team, scholarship opportunities and more : https://www.facebook.com/health.out.loud.npo

As a grassroots movement, Health Out Loud now includes a new Ryerson University chapter, which has already gathered nearly 100 members. An executive team has also been formed at York University and representatives from our organization are working on developing several high school chapters. The elected managing director of the non-profit organization (and former president of the UofT Chapter), Stephanie Wang, will also be working with Deem Waham (the community partner coordinator) to develop a community-based program at the YMCA. To top it off, the managing team has submitted its paperwork to become a recognized charity and is expecting to hear back soon. It is a very exciting year for Health Out Loud!

As the first Health Out Loud chapter to have ever existed, we are very excited to meet and collaborate with Health Out Loud’s new factions !


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