HOL Team

Health Out Loud is proud to present our 2013-2014 Team!

Finance Subcommittee

IMG_6487Pictured: Jocelyn Wang (Co-Chair), Simran Ghoman, Hala Abdel Rahman, Gordan Chen, Tony Fong, James Wong, Mumtahin Monzoor (Co-Chair)

Personal Relations Subcommittee

_DSC0163Pictured: Suban Farah, Harendri Perera, Bonnie Fu, Emma Fisher (Co-Chair), Zelin Wu, Zarah Khan, Crystal Braganza (Co-Chair)

Publicity Subcommittee

_DSC0176Pictured: Si Jia Wu (Co-Chair), Carmen El-Khazen, Natasha Tang, Janice Lee, Shahene Patel, Xiao Sun, Chris Cheng (Co-Chair)

Absent: Ursula de Souza


_DSC0185Pictured: Stephanie Wang (President), Jocelyn Wang, Crystal Braganza, Mumtahin Monzoor, Emma Fisher, Si Jia Wu, Chris Cheng, Marcus Tan (Vice President)

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