HOL Team

Health Out Loud is proud to present our 2013-2014 Team! Finance Subcommittee Pictured: Jocelyn Wang (Co-Chair), Simran Ghoman, Hala Abdel Rahman, Gordan Chen, Tony Fong, James Wong, Mumtahin Monzoor (Co-Chair) Personal Relations Subcommittee Pictured: Suban Farah, Harendri Perera, Bonnie Fu, Emma Fisher (Co-Chair), Zelin Wu, Zarah Khan, Crystal Braganza (Co-Chair) Publicity Subcommittee Pictured: Si Jia […]

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Movie Night Recap

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who showed up to Health Out Loud’s first social event of the year: our movie night! We got some very interesting discussions about the Canadian healthcare system as compared to the U.S. as depicted in the movie, Sicko, which in turn brought up legal, philosophical, and economic questions. […]

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